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28 APR

Stone Me! Canadian’s bad luck shows myth not a load of Blarney

A Canadian who took a piece of the stone from the grounds of Blarney Castle during a visit in 2009 returned the stone after a spate of bad luck.

Liam Sareman  decided to take an extra special souvenir from his visit during his trip in 2009, which was followed by months of misfortune. Eager to turn his luck around, Mr Sareman packaged up the stone and  sent it  back  to it’s righful home Blarney Castle accompanied alongwith a letter explaining about the bad luck.

In Mr Sareman’s letter he asked the staff of Blarney Castle to return the stone. He explained that he took the stone despite being aware of the legend attached to the  castle- that all “borrowed” stones were eventually returned to Blarney in a bid  to end unexplained spells of bad luck.

Staff here at Blarney Castle returned the stone to it’s righful place just as Mr Sareman asked.  All we can hope is the returning the stone ended  his streak of bad luck.

Is this proof that the legend is alive and well or is it all Blarney?

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